Fashion: Combine short skirts

The mini skirt is a classic and thanks to its versatility, it is the perfect companion through the year. No matter what the season, whether cold or hot, with a mini skirt and the right combination. In this way, you are always perfectly dressed – fashion look, which will draw everybody’s attention. Miniskirts you can wear not only for leisure or shopping, in the office (where you feminine business should not exaggerate), with the right combination, you are so in vogue.

Short Skirts in both summer and winter

If you wear your mini skirt in summer, it is quite easy to find the right combination depending on the occasion. Combine your short skirt with a nice shirt, an elegant blouse, or this model that looks very sexy with a body. Wear a rather plain skirt, the upper part may still be somewhat extravagant, but the neckline should not be too daring. Is the mini skirt itself quite striking, choose a rather plain top or shirt. In addition, affects the miniskirt without stockings, in the office, but you should wear flesh-colour nylons possible to do so.

If you are not on your short even in winter with ice and snow skirts do without, but simply combine them with the matching colour leggings. Whether plain or patterned, they warm your legs and spice up your outfit. If you like it a bit more subtle, opt for a bright nylon pantyhose. As the upper part, they choose a long sleeve shirt or a fine knit sweater that looks very classy to a miniskirt. For the office, you should resort to more closed top and opaque tights.

Ceramic Jewellery – The ceramic bead

Before such a complete chain of ceramic beads can adorn the neck of a woman, many work steps are necessary. This is especially true in the manufacture by hand. First, the base material, coloured firing clay of good quality, moulded and then air dried before it comes to burning in the oven must.

Since the temperature in the furnace must not fluctuate too much, it can be opened only after the slow cooling of the next day in order to get the fired blanks. After removal of sharp ridges, the different glazes, aqueous solutions of various mineral powders applied. These must also be a few days to dry before they are cured when glaze firing in the kiln. Whoever buys such a high quality, handcrafted piece of jewellery, should take care to maintain it well. To clean, you should not use harsh detergents; otherwise, the glaze could be damaged.