Fashion: The shoe trends for autumn

Are you already equipped with the proper shoes for fall? It is best to buy several pairs so you are ideally equipped for a variety of weather conditions. In autumn, the weather is so crazy sometimes; the first snow may come soon. In addition to trendy shoes to date, you should already provide with boots or ankle boots, preferably with non-slip outsole.

Lined boots for chilly days

It is cold, and then you should wear warm boots or ankle boots. For a cuddly fur or the faux fur, lining ensures that it can be beaten over the shaft. When the boots with long shafts side pull loops, facilitate donning. The heels of the boots and ankle boots are often very flat, so that you no for the new shoes running training must be completed. The soles have a massive profile, so you do not slip on snow and ice. Would you still wear boots on cold autumn days, you can choose sports, warm lined sneaker with laces.

Sporty and rustic at the same time the riding boots look with flat heels, embellished with buckles and straps. The material of the shoes and boots is leather and suede. In many models, both materials are combined in interesting ways. With Snow Boots, you will not get cold and wet feet.

Ceramic Jewellery – Colourful, cheap and sturdy

What do you know about ceramic jewellery? The Greek word “keramos” means a clay mineral. Even thousands of years ago, before the production of metal and glass, people used this “art of fire” to produce everyday objects. Nowadays-different industrial, art and technical ceramics. Whereby the latter in particular has established itself in recent years for jewellery making. Technical Ceramics is a new material with excellent properties. She is strong, hard, only slightly thermally conductive and acid-resistant. Since they therefore especially scratch-and wear-resistant, and can be produced at a low price in many different colours, technical ceramics is predestined for use in the jewellery industry.